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The 12 Minute Trainer 12 Pack - $199.00

Our popular "12-Pack" is ideal for direct care staff in-services and new employee orientation.  This comprehensive package includes two 6- topic DVD’s.  Each topic is approximately 12 minutes in length. See below for the objectives of each topic.   In addition, the 12 Pack also includes our exclusive Trainer CD containing a post-test, sign-in sheet and poster for each topic. The 12-Pack is a complete in-service package.

Abuse and Neglect
  • Define Abuse
  • Define Neglect
  • Identify abuse and neglect situations
  • Identify caregiver role in prevention of abuse and neglect
  • Identify resources available to suspected abuse and neglect victims

Basic Ergonomics

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of a musculoskeletal injury
  • Identify work related ergonomic stressors
  • Recognize ergonomic activities that help avoid injury in several work related situations
  • Be familiar with incident reporting criteria
Comfort Care for the Dying
  • Recognize the 5 stages of the death process
  • Recognize the physical signs of approaching death
  • Identify the caregiver role in the death experience
  • Identify confidential information
  • Understanding the Nursing Assistant role in maintaining confidentiality practices
  • State knowledge of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Detecting Depression 

  • Define Depression
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of Depression
  • Identify caregiver role

Food-Borne Illness Prevention

  • Define a food-borne illness
  • Recognize symptoms of a food-borne illness
  • Identify the staff role in food-borne illness prevention

Hepatitis B+C 

  • Identify functions of the liver
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of Hepatitis B+C
  • Identify modes of disease transmission
  • Identify barrier precautions


  • Differentiate HIV from AIDS
  • Understand how HIV is transmitted
  • Describe occupational transmission prevention Identify caregiver role

Infection Control and Standard Precaution

  • Identify the links in the chain of infection
  • Understand hand hygiene and Standard Precaution Practices
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of infection

Personal Care

  • Identify measures that promote mental health
  • Identify measures that promote physical health
  • Identify the measures that promote spiritual health

Resident Rights

  • Identify Legal Rights
  • Identify Caregiver role


  • Define Tuberculosis/TB
  • Differentiate Tuberculosis/TB from Latent Tuberculosis/TB infection
  • Identify methods of Tuberculosis/TB Disease Transmission
  • Identify caregiver role

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In-Service Idea:

The 12 Minute Trainer® is a great tool for meeting the in-service requirements of your facility management team.  It is time- conscious and complete.  Just present a 12 minute video at your next stand up meeting and complete the post-test as a team.  Your management team will like the idea of completing the in-services together.

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