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Call-Light Responsiveness:  It’s Your Call  DVD/CD Set   $59.00

This comprehensive video explores scenarios commonly played out in long term care settings across America that demonstrate the relationship between prompt and courteous call-light responses and an overall sense of trust and confidence between facility staff and the people assigned to their care. 

The call-light has long been referred to as a “life-line” and it is the standard tool of communication between persons residing in a long term care setting and the caregiver.   This video demonstrates  appropriate caregiver actions that help to ensure the physical safety of the people assigned to their care while promoting an atmosphere of confidence in the knowledge that all calls for assistance are managed professionally and promptly.  

A great mix of Safety, Compliance and Customer Service in a single DVD.

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In-Service Idea:

The 12 Minute Trainer® is a great tool for meeting the in-service requirements of your facility management team.  It is time- conscious and complete.  Just present a 12 minute video at your next stand up meeting and complete the post-test as a team.  Your management team will like the idea of completing the in-services together.

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