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Today’s long-term care staff are constantly faced with challenges that require a high level of skill and critical thinking. Now, more than ever, making the most of your in-service time is vital to staff success and customer satisfaction.

You want programs that promote the right blend of regulatory elements, realistic skill demonstration, and core person-centered values; a fundamental combination that serves as the template for The 12 Minute Trainer® educational programs.

The 12 Minute Trainer® in-service programs deliver:

  • Realistic Presentations: Our DVD’s are filmed in real long-term care facilities promoting an authentic learning atmosphere the viewer will identify with. 
  • Complete Packages: Every DVD purchased from The 12 Minute Trainer® arrives with our exclusive Trainer CD containing a sign-in sheet, test and poster designed to complement the video presentation. Staff Educators may print unlimited copies.  
  • Effective Survey Preparation: Compliance requirements are visually demonstrated while the customer- service approach is skillfully threaded throughout every training topic. 
  • Right On Time:  While many of our programs run a bit longer than 12 minutes, each is specifically designed to present universal “must know” information while leaving sufficient time for the staff development team to expand the presented topic to meet facility-specific objectives.   
  • Field-Tested: Our topics are selected and content is reviewed by persons currently working in the industry prior to marketing.
  • Budget Friendly Purchases: We understand facility budgets are limited and want to be your educational vendor. At prices ranging from $29 to $329, the 12 Minute Trainer® educational programs fit any budget. 

Browse our catalogue directory and consider a fresh in-service presentation for your facility today or Order on-line using our secure store, call us, mail or FAX your order using our downloadable order form.

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Finally, an Influenza DVD authored exclusively for LTC!

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In-Service Idea:

The 12 Minute Trainer® is a great tool for meeting the in-service requirements of your facility management team.  It is time- conscious and complete.  Just present a 12 minute video at your next stand up meeting and complete the post-test as a team.  Your management team will like the idea of completing the in-services together.

With your “12-minute trainers” I can cover the same information and get 2 or 3 sets of participants through in the same time and be comfortable that they received the necessary information, were not bored, and were able to return to provide care to our residents.  Thanks again for coming up with great products for use in the real world of long-term care.  ~ Scott Mueller, MSN, RN  (New Jersey)

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