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Recognizing and Responding to Pain Indicators  DVD/CD Set  $59.00

Imagine possessing the skill to effectively recognize and report evidence of potential pain indicators.  Any direct caregiver in the long-term care setting is in the unique position to acquire and execute this skill.  This video presents realistic scenarios designed to demonstrate the pivotal role of the caregiver through the recognition  of common pain indicators, the performance of routine pain inquiries and the reporting of any suspected evidence of pain to the  appropriate licensed health professional who will initiate a thorough pain assessment.  

The alert caregiver can provide the first crucial link in achieving effective pain control in the long-term care setting simply by helping to identify that the pain exists.

Our exclusive Trainer CD is included in this package and allows the presenter to print a test, poster and sign-in form specifically designed  to complement this video presentation.

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In-Service Idea:

The 12 Minute Trainer® is a great tool for meeting the in-service requirements of your facility management team.  It is time- conscious and complete.  Just present a 12 minute video at your next stand up meeting and complete the post-test as a team.  Your management team will like the idea of completing the in-services together.

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