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Proactive Pre-Survey Package 4 DVD Set  $329.00

In response to frequent requests and customer feedback, we have combined four high demand DVD’s into a specially priced and complete package to proactively address the most prevalently cited areas in long-term care today. These specially selected video presentations are:  

1Medication Administration Review:

This complete 4-video set reviews the fundamental medication administration principles necessary to perform a safe, accurate and compliant medication pass. Filmed in a long-term care facility, these four videos clarify best-practices as the viewer follows our nurses through familiar scenarios that demonstrate step-by-step medication administration fundamentals as well as key ancillary tasks such as hand-hygiene, instructing a resident to rinse-and-spit after the administration of a steroidal inhaler, the application of gently pressure to the inner canthus of the eye immediately following the instillation of eye drops, required water flush amounts before and after the administration of G-Tube medications, essential documentation, the provision of a private setting, and much more.

This high demand DVD is divided into four 12-minute segments for ease of viewing:

  • Administering Oral Liquids and Solids
  • Administering Eye Drops + Ointments, Inhalers and Topical Patches
  • Administering Medications via G-Tube
  • Pharmacy F-Tags: The Nurses Role  

2Principles of Documentation

This DVD demonstrates the impact of the clinical record in the long term care setting.  Filmed in a long-term care facility, the viewer is invited to follow our nurse as she documents Mrs. Concetta’s admission notes, develops an interim care plan and records the effectiveness of Mrs. Concetta’s pain medication. Additionally, the nursing assistant contributes pertinent information using both flow sheets and electronic documentation.  The viewer will recognize the significance of accurate and concise documentation in the long-term care setting as the storyline unfolds.  

3Call-Light Responsiveness:  It's Your Call

The most common complaint surveyors hear during customer interviews is delayed responses to the call light. This comprehensive video explores scenarios commonly played out in long term care settings across America that demonstrate the relationship between prompt and courteous call-light responses and an overall sense of trust and confidence between facility staff and the people assigned to their care.

4.  Pressure Ulcer Prevention:  The Nurses Role

This DVD navigates the significant role of the licensed nurse in achieving regulatory compliance aimed at the prevention of pressure ulcers in the long term care setting.

Program highlights include:

  • Explanation of F-314 regulation
  • Skin and wound assessments explained
  • The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel wound stages
  • Identification of pressure ulcer risk factors
  • Detailed clean-technique dressing change visuals

Although the prevention of pressure ulcers is an interdisciplinary concern, the role of the long term care nurse is vital. Ongoing assessments, the provision of direct care, documentation, care planning and the evaluation of plan outcomes: This program explains each vital link sequentially.

THIS SPECIAL PACKAGE INCLUDES OUR TRADEMARK TRAINER CD:  As with all 12 Minute Trainer products, each DVD arrives with our trademark Trainer CD containing a poster, post-test and in-service sign-in form designed to complement all video presentations.  Staff educators may print unlimited copies of all CD contents.

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In-Service Idea:

The 12 Minute Trainer® is a great tool for meeting the in-service requirements of your facility management team.  It is time- conscious and complete.  Just present a 12 minute video at your next stand up meeting and complete the post-test as a team.  Your management team will like the idea of completing the in-services together.

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